Frequently Asked Questions about our Microsuction Ear Clinic Service in Portsmouth, Southampton and Emsworth. Click each title to see the answer.

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  • How soon can I be seen?

    We have frequent clinics and will try and accommodate you as soon as possible. You can book online here to see appointment availability. 

  • Can I book to see a specific consultant?

    Most of our clinics are led by our highly trained and experienced Nurse Practitioners, however if you would like to see a specific consultant please call Katie, our Practice Manager on 03455 27 27 27. She will be able to discuss this further with you and see what arrangements can be made for you.

  • Do you do discount for multiple bookings?

    Yes, absolutely we understand that many people do have a recurring problem with their ears becoming blocked, so we are happy to provide discounts for multiple bookings. Please phone our secretary on 03455 27 27 27 for further details.

  • Do you do gift vouchers?

    Yes we do. Please contact our secretary on 03455 27 27 27 and we will send one to you or to a different address if you wish.