How We Define Quality For Microsuction

Date: 27th July 2020
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What is Quality anyway?

Quality is the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; "the degree of excellence of something.”

It can be difficult in healthcare to know the difference in quality between services.  So how can you tell the difference between ear wax removal services? And why do we feel that Just Ears provides the best quality available.

Signs to Look For …

The best equipment, The best people, The safest systems

Good quality services depend on good quality equipment.

When we shop we instinctively know what’s good by the look and feel of it. When we are at work we also understand that with the best equipment our jobs are easier, safer and faster, resulting in a better service for our customers.

It is the same in hospitals and clinics.

At Just Ears we only buy the very best in equipment. All our clinics have invested in powerful effective suction machines and high-quality microscopes and single use disposables. The best equipment allows us to provide the best conditions to perform safe and effective wax removal using the procedure of Microsuction. Unlike some clinics we strongly feel that a microscope is an essential part of this technique.

The best people

Good quality equipment is only as good as the staff that use it. At Just Ears all our team are thoroughly trained in microsuction and in the use of our equipment. Staff have been trained through close supervision of over 100 ears before they gain our own Training Certificate.

The safest systems

Healthcare must be safe and the safest place for patients to be is in the hands of specialists that work in teams, openly share their outcomes, and are able to be challenged by one another. 

At Just Ears we have cleaned over 30,000 ears in the past 5 years. Complications for our patients are very rare, much less than 1%, and this is because we have invested in the best equipment, people, training and systems.  When complications rarely occur, we record, analyse and learn from them, and we ensure that the patient gets the best follow on care. 

We are the only ear wax removal service in the South of England to be registered with the Care Quality Commission which is the ‘watchdog’ for healthcare ensuring high standards.

What others say …

We are passionate about hearing what our patients say and so every patient is asked about their experience. Over 97% of our past patients have rated us excellent or good and we listen to all ideas and suggestions made by our patients and our staff to make our service better.

Finally, do you get what you pay for?

The highest quality can mean higher costs for us which means Just Ears is not as cheap as some.  Your ears are extremely precious, and safety is paramount. The best people, equipment and systems allows us to perform effective wax removal while providing high levels of safety.

So, this is what we mean at Just Ears by our promise to all of our patients of Safe, Effective, Person Centred Care. 

Or Good Quality, for short.

If you are struggling with built up ear wax, you can book your appointment online or call 03455 27 27 27 to find out more. 

Written by Mr Phillip Housden 

Philip Housden BA MBA

Philip is a director of Southern ENT Lt

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