Custom Made Ear plugs

Custom made ear plugs

Custom made Ear Plugs are the most effective way of keeping your ears dry.  They are not only they are suitable for surface swimming, they are also a great way of protecting your ears when bathing and showering. They are suitable for everyone, and especially if you are prone to ear infections, have a perforated eardrum or suffer with dry or itchy ears.

The Ear Plugs are made of a soft silicone material and are available in a wide variety of colours, glitters and even logos so you can customise them to your own style. They are durable, hard wearing and offer minimum risk of allergy or skin sensitivity.


In order to make your Custom Ear Plugs we take impressions of your ears. This is a quick and painless process. The impressions are then sent to our manufacturing company. Following this you should received your brand new Ear Plugs in approximately 7 - 10 working Days.

To book your appointment for custom made ear plugs, call our head office on 03455 37 37 37.