About Us

The Just Ears are a team of highly trained ENT specialists who recognised that there was a need for a quickly accessible and affordable clinic to help patients suffering with blocked ears. We now run high quality, affordable, ear cleaning clinics using the very safe and effective technique of Ear Microsuction. The Clinics are are at Port Solent, Chandlers Ford, Emsworth, Liss, Guildford, Hove, Winchester, Chichester, Gosport and Maidstone.


Your Ears In Our Hands

Having blocked ears is an intensely unpleasant experience. It can cause hearing problems, lead to infections and sometimes make you feel dizzy. It’s not surprising that most people want to have it treated as quickly and as safely as possible.  ‘Microsuction’ is the safest and most effective way to unblock them.

Many GP practices have stopped offering ear syringing because it is not as safe or effective as Microsuction treatment. 

The Just Ears will only use the Microsuction method to clean your ears.

How can Microsuction help you?

Microsuction involves looking down the ear canal with a microscope, which allows us a direct view of the area being cleaned. We are then able to clean out the blockage quickly and effectively using a tiny vacuum cleaner. Once the wax has gone we are able to check your ear for any other problems.

The cost of procedure is ONLY £85.00, which covers your consultation, examination, microsuction treatment, after care advice and a follow up appointment if the Practitioner feels this is necessary.


The Just Ears, a private Ear Nose & Throat group. The Clinic is managed and run by a group of experienced local ENT Consultants and specialist nurses and a GP very experienced in Ear Microsuction.

We provide a high quality, affordable service for self funding patients for the removal of ear wax using the very safe and reliable technique of Microsuction.

The clinics are easily accessible for all towns in the various locations.