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We recognised that many self-funding patients were suffering for prolonged periods with their blocked ears because their GPs are no longer providing ear syringing, NHS waits can be very long and visiting a Private Hospital for microsuction will often cost £250-£400.

We also recognise that £79 is a lot of money for many people but we hope that like many of our patients you feel it is a good investment for the peace of mind that you and your ears will be treated with the greatest care and respect and that the wax will be removed carefully, safely and effectively. This cost includes a consultation, treatment and aftercare.

Why a Microscope is so important

We have invested in a microscope for each of our clinics. Using a microscope is the safest way of removing wax and we suggest that if you ever have it done elsewhere you make sure they use a microscope.

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The THREE main advantages of a microscope over any other method are:

  • Firstly the microscope lenses bring your eyes together so you can look down the narrow ear canal with TWO eyes which gives us depth perception which is very important when moving the sucker close to the ear canal wall and ear drum. Having depth perception makes it much safer than syringing or some places which use a sucker and a headlight instead of a microscope where they will be looking down the ear canal with only one eye.
  • Secondly the microscope gives us lots of magnification and and extremely clear view of the ear canal.
  • Lastly the microscope has a very bright light so we can get a really good detailed view.

Why should I choose Just Ears Clinic?

Clinic created and overseen by experienced NHS ENT Consultants
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This Clinic was established by 4 NHS Consultant ENT surgeons in 2013.

We are very aware of the misery caused by having blocked ears. We recognised the long delays in the NHS and that many GPs were withdrawing ear syringing.  We wanted to make sure that self-funding patients could have access to affordable, high quality, fast and effective microsuction services.

We are also acutely aware of how delicate your ears are and how vital your hearing is to you and how easily they can be damaged by poorly trained practitioners. We invest a lot of time and effort into being absolutely sure that our Practitioners are very well trained. If ever there is a problem, we are available to support them.

If you ever have a problem please tell us. We want to know about it so we can try and solve it for you and avoid it happening in the future.

We take safety very seriously
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The SAFETY of your ears is paramount to us. Your ears are extremely precious.

The ear canal is a narrow tube curved in 2 directions with a membrane, called the eardrum, at one end. The skin lining the canal is very sensitive and can become infected if scratched.

We know from years of experience that the SAFEST way to clean an ear is under direct vision using a microscope and a tiny vacuum cleaner, a procedure known as Microsuction.

REAL Microsuction = Use of a Microscope at every clinic – beware of imposters with just a suction machine?
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We believe that the ‘Micro’ part of ‘Micro-suction’ refers to a microscope, not a micro(tiny) sucker.

The MICROSCOPE is essential because the configuration of the lenses allows us to see down the ear canal with both eyes giving depth perception and so reducing the risk of damage.

The microscope also allows a large amount of magnification meaning that the ear canal skin and eardrum can be identified early before they might be damaged.

Microsuction allows CAREFUL, SAFE and EFFECTIVE cleaning of wax all the way down to the eardrum.

Some clinics will offer ‘microsuction’ and they will use suction but with a headlight instead of a microscope. This means looking down the ear canal with predominantly one eye and no magnification. Or they will use magnifying glasses (loupes) with limited magnification but still no depth perception because again they will be seeing with predominantly one eye. It is very difficult to clean the deep ear canal effectively and painlessly with these methods​

All Practitioners thoroughly trained
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Microsuction is not easy. It takes time and practice to learn this SKILL.

We take training very seriously. All our new practitioners are taught all about ear anatomy and physiology and about the different diseases that can affect the ear. They are taught to identify the different problems that can be seen in the ear canal. They are tested with an exam.

They undertake at least 100 supervised ear microsuctions with the trainer watching down a sidearm and helping where necessary.

 We think this is the most comprehensive training for this particular skill anywhere in the UK.

There is no official Government checking, regulation or qualification for microsuction practitioners. Anyone can start providing ear microsuction even after only a single day’s course.

Many of the practitioners we hire are already trained and experienced Microsuction Practitioners having performed microsuction for many years. They will still undergo a period of assessment by our team.

Feedback from every patient with very high satisfaction rates - over 97% good or excellent.
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We continually strive for excellence. In order to achieve this, we ask every patient after every microsuction to give feedback on their experience. This data is anonymised and analysed at our regular Directors meetings and fed back to the microsuction practitioners.

We use an independent company (Working Feedback) to collect the feedback and we achieve over 97% Good and Excellent feedback overall.

 We expect this level of feedback for each of our practitioners.

Philosophy of Continual Improvement
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We take all complaints or complications very seriously. The few we have are presented at our regular Directors meetings where they are analysed, and any learning points highlighted and disseminated to the team and the required actions implemented.

Extremely low complication rates - less than 1 in a 1000
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Our clinics have microsuctioned over 60,000 ears with an extremely low complication rate of less than 1 in 1000 patients.

We maintain very high satisfaction rates of over 97% good or excellent.

Online Payment and Booking and Paperless Records
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We have invested heavily in IT to create an online booking and payment system so an appointment can be made very quickly.

We also have a paperless records system so you can be seen in any of our 17 clinics and your history and record of previous visits will be available.​

Registered with Care Quality Commission (CQC)
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The Care Quality Commission (CQC):

  ‘… monitor, inspect and regulate services to make sure they meet fundamental standards of quality and safety….’ 

The CQC is extremely thorough. They inspect Clinics, paperwork, processes and protocols. Becoming and staying registered is an expensive and onerous task involving a huge amount of time and effort.

 We feel that CQC Registration is worth that time and effort.

 We are only one of 2 Ear Microsuction providers in the UK to have CQC registration.

 This is our quality commitment to you.

We take our responsibility to protect your ears very seriously
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All of us often take our ears and hearing for granted. Having a blocked ear reminds us how incredibly precious our ears and hearing is to us.

As ENT surgeons with many years’ experience between us, we are very aware how delicate your ears are and how much care needs to be taken when doing a thorough job to clean all the wax from your ear canals and allow sound to access your eardrums unimpeded.

 At Just Ears, we never forget this.​

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