November 13th, 2018 Ears, Facts

Our growing Hove Clinic has been open for over 6 months now. Here are just 4 reasons why you should come and see us if you are suffering with blocked ears.

1. Microsuction

‘Microsuction’ is the safest and most effective way to unblock them. Microsuction involves looking down the ear canal with a microscope, which allows us a direct view of the area being cleaned. We are then able to clean out the blockage quickly and effectively using a tiny vacuum cleaner. Once the wax has gone we are able to check your ear for any other problems.

Many GP practices have stopped offering ear syringing because it is not as safe or effective as Microsuction treatment.

2. Online Booking

Book when it is convenient for you. Our online booking system makes it simple to choose where you would like to be seen and when! It is as simple as that. Book Here.

3. Flexible Appointments

Our Hove Clinic offers appointments 6 days a week and is open from 8.30am – 6.00pm. For more information click here.

4. Convenient Location

Our Hove clinic is situated on Boundary Road with free parking nearby.