June 10th, 2019 Ears

We take pride in the fact that the majority of our patients experience excellent results immediately, our glowing reviews are a testament to that. It’s, unfortunately, not always the case. When we speak to a patient who isn’t happy with the service that they’ve experienced, we take it upon ourselves to go the extra mile to put a smile back on that patient’s face. That’s the case with the patient below, read about her experience to find out how we turned her Just Ears experience into a positive.

After an unsatisfactory and unsuccessful experience at the Guildford office last Friday, I was left deaf and sore in one ear, anxious, worried, and at a loss to know what to do. I phoned the Clean Ear clinic on Saturday and spoke to Marie, who immediately allayed fears I had about long term damage to my ear. On Monday morning an appointment was made for me to see Erik Nilssen in the Portsmouth office later that same day. The treatment was a little uncomfortable as I had a large and stubborn build up of wax. However, this time I was kept informed during the whole process both about what was going on and the possible immediate outcomes. I was treated calmly, professionally and ultimately successfully. I can hear! In short, my issues were dealt with promptly, efficiently and effectively. I am delighted with the treatment that I have received from the Portsmouth office.

I have learnt that;

  • The Just Ears provides a truly outstanding service,
  • I should take a bit more care over my ears and I will in future have them checked regularly by Just Ears.

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