August 31st, 2023 Article, Facts

If you suffer with ear issues including pain, swelling or crackling noises, or you are looking to protect your ears, here are our Top 5 Ear Care product recommendations.

  • Earol
  • Ear Swim
  • Ear Calm
  • Otinova
  • Otovent

These products are all designed to help with different problems that you may have occurring in or around your ears.



If you have impacted ear wax that’s putting you in pain, then Earol is for you. Earol offers a gentle yet impactful approach to softening and naturally removing ear wax. Beyond its wax management benefits, Earol also stands as a guardian against dryness of the skin within the ear canal—minimizing the discomfort of itching and irritation. You can purchase this here.


Earol SwimEarol Swim

If you are planning on going swimming in a pool, a lake or even the ocean, Earol Swim is perfect for you. This is because Earol Swim creates a protective water-repellent barrier, effectively shielding your ears from moisture. So, you can say goodbye to the discomfort of sore, itchy, and irritated ears caused by prolonged water exposure. Earol Swim offers the peace of mind you deserve. Dive into your aquatic adventures with confidence, knowing that Earol Swim has got your ears covered. You can purchase this here.

EarCalmEar Calm

If you have minor infections on the outer part of your ears, then Ear Calm is for you. Ear Calm has acetic acid as the main ingredient and although that may sound scary this is an antibacterial ingredient that clears any infections around your ears that may be affecting your day-to-day life. This product can be picked up in any of our clinic or on our online shop today. You can purchase this here.



Are your ears itchy? If so, Otinova has you covered. This solution is for treating ear canal inflammation and eczema. Gone are the days of itching and discomfort. Thats not all though. Otinova goes one step further by harnessing its antibacterial and antifungal properties,. Otinova can be found in any of our clinics ensuring the best approach for your ear health. You can purchase this here.




Do your ears feel blocked, yet you have no ear wax in them. You most likely have negative pressure the middle ear. Luckily a solution designed to address negative pressure in the middle ear has been made. This product offers a unique approach to restoring the right pressure within the middle ear. Otovent employs a nasal balloon that, when inflated from the nose, increases nasal pressure. This in turn, facilitates the opening of the eustachian tube—an essential mechanism for maintaining optimal middle ear pressure. Otovent’s provides a non-invasive yet effective way to restore comfort and balance, offering relief from discomfort associated with negative pressure. You can purchase this here.

In a world seeking comfort and well-being, Earol Swim, Otinova, Earol, Ear Calm and Otovent emerge as pioneers. They offer tailored solutions for a spectrum of ear concerns. If you would like more advice, or to purchase one of these products, visit our online shop today. Alternatively, all of these products our available from our clinicians at your next appointment.