September 5th, 2017 Tips

Keeping your ears healthy is easy with these top tips!

  1. DO NOT USE Q-tips / Cotton Buds to clean your ears.   They can damage the wall of the ear canal and increase the likelihood of an ear infection. They will also cause impaction of the wax by pushing it further into the canal resulting in a blocked ear with reduced hearing.
  2. Regular use of Olive oil e.g. Earol, olive oil in a spray bottel,(once a week) will help to keep the wax soft and help it to migrate out of the ear.  We are local stockist of Earol and have this available for sale in our Clinics.
  3. If you suffer with dry skin or eczema moisturising around the outside of the ear with E45 or some other unscented moisturiser will help to minimise any dry skin from falling into the canal and causing irritation.
  4. The risk of infection in the ear can be minimised by keeping your ears dry when showering/washing hair. You can use commercially purchased plugs from a sports shop or alternatively you can use a cotton wool ball and a smear of Vaseline (dispose of it each time it is used).  A shower cap is also useful if not washing your hair.

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