December 13th, 2021 Article, Facts, Tips

We highly recommend using Earol Olive Oil Spray to help loosen the wax that may be building up. The oil will not dissolve the wax, but it will make it softer and easier to remove.

The two main reasons to use oil in your ears are.

  1. Prior to an appointment – Microsuction works best when the patient has used olive oil ear drops between 3-5 days before the procedure. If the oil preparation has been used for a longer period of time the wax will more often become sludgy and too wet to remove successfully via microsuction. By using the oil, it will soften the wax making the microsuction very comfortable.
  2. Keeping wax under control – As well as using prior to your appointment, we also recommend using Earol as a regular treatment (once a week) for good ear health. It will help to keep the ear wax soft and less chance of building up becoming impacted.

What you should use

We recommend using Earol Olive Oil spray. The design allows safe use and application in the form of a mist of olive oil which helps coat the whole ear canal. It is also important to make sure you do not lie down immediately after administering Earol, this gives a good chance to coat the ear without trickling out.

We do not recommend using any other ear products other than olive oil as these products are not designed to be used before microsuction procedure and could delay your treatment. We have also noted that in some of our patients that these preparations also cause soreness and irritation to the ear canals.

You can purchase Earol directly from us which will sent to you in the post.