November 2nd, 2020 Ears, Hearing, News, Reviews

Like many things, price only make sense when you understand why something costs what it costs. You can buy a phone charger from an unbranded company for £1, or you could buy one from a well-known high-end brand for £15 – this would seem crazy expensive. But when you work out how much you value that phone and that buying the cheap one means it could; put the phone at risk of fire (and you being without the phone), the charger not working at all, falling apart after a week, having to buy another one after a short time etc, the more expensive option actually gives you peace of mind, confidence and you can understand the value.

A recent patient at Just Ears had this exact experience. When Charles phoned to make an appointment for microsuction, he was concerned to part with £85 knowing other providers can offer a service that costs less. But it made sense to Charles that he should choose Just Ears when it was explained to him that the staff have either had extensive experience with microsuction, from working in the NHS, or have been rigorously trained by ENT Consultants and that we have invested in the best equipment including superior suction machines and first class microscopes (allowing a clear magnified view of the whole ear canal all the way down to the ear drum) instead of using a simple ‘headlight’ which competitors use, and is an inferior piece of equipment. However, Charles was expecting a 1st class service.

‘I had been suffering with blocked ears for some time, and although I had no pain, I was finding it increasingly frustrating that I could not hear properly, and everything was sounding muffled. I had heard of Just Ears so called them along with a couple of other providers. When I spoke with Katie at the Head Office and expressed my concerns about the price, she could not have been more knowledgeable and helpful in explaining just why it was important to look at all factors and not just price. I was impressed by the service and booked in expecting a great experience. There was lots of communication and on the day of the appointment I was met my ENT consultant Erik, who talked me through the process including the equipment and why it was used. I felt very at ease and confident in Erik’s ability. The procedure was not at all painful or uncomfortable and very satisfying once the wax was removed and I could hear again. Erik took the time to explain the aftercare and what to do if I had any concerns. Overall, I was extremely impressed with the procedure from the time of booking, to the treatment and it really was a first-class service. I now have a much better understanding of what to expect and having been there myself would urge people not to be led by price, but consider the care, specialists and experience you get if you pay a little more. After all, I am lucky I can hear and wouldn’t want to do anything to put that at risk’.

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