June 20th, 2018 Ears, Facts

How microsuction can change lives!

If you have been suffering with hearing loss due to blocked ears, one of our patients urges you to do something about it now.

“Don’t live on planet muffled”.

Edward had suffered with hearing loss since his teens and although he had regular ear syringing, it never helped, was frequently painful and sometimes made things worse. Ten years ago, he suffered trauma to his ears during radiotherapy which seemed to make the hearing loss worse as well as causing tinnitus and producing more wax.

As a radio broadcaster and a music reviewer, his hearing was vital. When he put headphones on, his hearing issues swiftly became worse. After numerous ear syringing appointments, Edwards doctor suggested he try microsuction and referred him to the local hospital for treatment. But after finding out it would be a ten-week wait, Edward decided he couldn’t wait any longer and decided to look for a private clinic.

“I was very apprehensive about hospital settings and thought a clinic would be a more comfortable environment for me. When I found Just Ears, they exceeded my expectations from the first phone call. The team offered very good advice, took interest in my history and I could tell they actually cared. They were able to book me in the next day and talked me through the process”.

Edward found microsuction was not painful at all, it did, he concedes, feel a little strange at first but was certainly not unpleasant. The most important thing at the end of the process was that he could hear again.

Edward added,  “I wish I’d known about this clinic ten years ago! It would have meant none of the experiences I’ve had over that time with regards to the, you would think, the simple act of having your ears cleaned. Exiting the surgery with the original problem made worse for example. Plus putting up with something that sounds like the tide coming all the time whilst being told,  ‘it’ll probably drain out in time’. Being deaf.  Being miserable as a result. And all because of some ear wax”.

“What a difference at the Emsworth Clinic. I was looked after by the most wonderful, considerate and compassionate Practice Nurse (Sandra) you could ever ask for. Someone who listened. And understands. And explains. Plus a technique that is clean, quick and completely comfortable. One that works. The birds are singing again. Thankyou thankyou thankyou”.​