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How we can help with your hearing loss.

If you have been frustrated with hearing loss, muffled sounds and asking people to repeat themselves, it may be time to arrange a hearing test.

We off a FREE, no obligation hearing test with our Senior Hearing Aid Audiologist Mark Begley at our Bordon, Bursledon, Emsworth, Gosport, Guildford and Port Solent clinics. Mark will carry out a comprehensive set of tests to assess the level of your hearing loss.

To book your appointment or to find out more, call our team on 03455 27 27 27. Unfortunately, online booking for this service is not available at the moment.

It is impossible to discuss the cost of hearing aids without also discussing the aftercare that is essential. A wise man once said:

The sweet taste of a good deal is very quickly soured if accompanied by poor aftercare

We are not the cheapest provider of hearing aids (nor indeed the most expensive) but we pride ourselves on the experience, knowledge and impartial advice.

Our Premium Hearing Aid Package Includes

FREE Comprehensive hearing test with no obligation
Fitting appointment with Senior Hearing Aid Audiologist
Regular periodic aftercare appointments for up to five years.
Complimentary Microsuction* saving up to £534
Four-year guarantee on all instruments
We will price match any competitor that offers the equivalent level of aftercare

Where can you have a hearing test?


Port Solent Clinic


Emsworth Clinic


Chichester Clinic


Guildford Clinic


What do you charge for your hearing consultation?
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If it takes place at one of our clinics it is completely free of charge and without obligation to purchase a hearing aid.

How long should I allow?
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We perform a thorough consultation and fully explain our findings. We discuss your hearing needs and often assess the suitability of the latest technology using test instruments. Therefore allow 60-90 minutes.
Why is it important to bring someone with me?
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Hearing loss is insidious. It develops slowly with the sufferer unaware of how much they miss. It also affects the people closest to you as they are the ones who can find the need to repeat things frustrating. There is a lot of information imparted so “two heads are better than one”. That is why we ask you to bring your spouse or partner with you. If you live alone, it is great if you can get another close family member instead.

Do you offer a domiciliary service?
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Yes, for this we do charge £200 for a full hearing consultation. If we are able to subsequently provide you with hearing instruments this is deducted from the cost.

Are you tied to any particular manufacturer?
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No, from our inception we rejected any financial input from the manufacturers. Therefore, we are fiercely independent and only prescribe the most suitable instruments regardless of the brand.

I managed to buy my hearing aids elsewhere at a very cheap price but have been let down by poor aftercare. Can you help me?
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Yes, we can. Unfortunately, this question is becoming increasingly common. It is possible to purchase an aftercare package from us for your existing aids. You must realise that a large proportion of the cost of hearing aids is the aftercare element. Therefore, when you add the initial cost of your existing aids to our aftercare package, it will almost certainly be more than if you had dealt with us from the get-go.​

How do I book a hearing test?
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To book your appointment call our team on 03455 27 27 27. We can then discuss what will happen at the appointment and also explain the importance of someone coming with you on the day.

Our Story

Since Just Ears inception in 2013, we have had numerous enquiries from satisfied clients regarding the provision of hearing instruments and all the necessary aftercare. If we didn’t provide this ourselves, were we able to recommend a company that would satisfy the demand for a premium service?

The short answer to this was NO. Anecdotally the satisfaction of our clients with their privately purchased hearing aids was very inconsistent. A few were highly pleased, and some were initially happy but then found within a short space of time the service deteriorated. The remainder were less than impressed from the outset with some completely exasperated by the inability to access regular aftercare.

For this reason, we have started our own provision of top-quality hearing instruments. Employing only experienced, highly trained hearing aid audiologists we aim to provide the same level of satisfaction as enjoyed by our 30,000 (and counting) microsuction clients.​

Book your appointment today on 03455 27 27 27.

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