March 17th, 2001 Ears, Questions

Here is some timing information about Just Ears microsuction service:

1. How soon can I get an appointment?

– We’ll provide an appointment as soon as we have slots available. We do advise using ear drops prior to the appointment so like to leave at least a couple of days to do this.

2. How long is the appointment slot?

– 20 minutes

3. How long does the microsuction itself take?

– Less than 20 minutes!

4. Are the results immediate?

– Yes, you will get immediate relief from the discomfort of blocked ears.

5. Will I get clearer hearing?

– Clearing impacted wax blockages will immediately bring your hearing back to its ordinary level.

6. How long is the cleaning effective for?

– People in general will build up wax within 6-12 months after an ear cleaning procedure, but sometimes more frequently depending on the anatomy of your ear and the type of wax you produce.​