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downloadYour Trusted Choice for Safe and Regulated Ear Wax Removal

Are you tired of dealing with ear wax issues, unsure of where to turn for safe and effective solutions? Look no further than Just Ears, your trusted ear wax removal provider registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). In this blog, we’ll explore why choosing a CQC-registered clinic like Just Ears is the smartest decision for your ear health.

The Just Ears Difference

At Just Ears, we are committed to delivering top-tier ear care services. Our specialised focus on ear wax removal sets us apart, and we’re proud to offer Microsuction, a cutting-edge method that employs a microscope and a suction machine to safely and effectively clean your ears. But that’s just the beginning of what makes us your go-to ear care provider.

Safe, Effective, Gentle, and Pain-Free

Our Microsuction procedure is renowned for being safe, effective, gentle, and pain-free. We understand the discomfort and frustration that can come with earwax build-up, and we’re here to provide a solution that leaves you hearing clearly and without discomfort.


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In addition to our in-clinic services, we’ve made it even more convenient to care for your ears by offering an online shop. Here, you can find a range of ear care products delivered right to your door. It’s all part of our commitment to making ear care easy and accessible.


Rave Reviews and Proven Expertise

When you choose Just Ears, you’re in the hands of professionals who have treated over 60,000 ears and earned over 95% excellent feedback from satisfied customers. Our track record speaks for itself, and our patients’ experiences attest to our expertise and commitment to quality care.

Why Choose a CQC-Registered Clinic?

Just Ears proudly carries the CQC logo, a symbol of our dedication to providing safe, high-quality ear care. The Care Quality Commission ensures that healthcare providers meet rigorous standards of quality and safety, and we willingly undergo their inspections to give our patients peace of mind.

The Advantages of Microsuction

We utilise microscopes in all our clinics, and there are three significant advantages to this approach:

  1. Depth Perception: Using a microscope allows us to view the narrow ear canal with two eyes, enhancing depth perception and safety during the procedure.
  2. Magnification: Microscopes provide significant magnification, resulting in an extremely clear view of the ear canal.
  3. Bright Light: The microscope’s bright light source ensures a detailed and well-illuminated view, contributing to the precision of our procedures.

Experience the Just Ears Advantage

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Founded by a team of highly trained ENT specialists, Just Ears Clinics have revolutionised the way patients receive ear care. With 16 clinics along the South Coast, we make professional ear cleaning accessible and efficient.

Trust Your Ear Health to Just Ears

Your hearing health is too important to leave to chance. Trust Just Ears, a CQC-registered clinic, for safe, effective, and expert ear wax removal. Clear hearing is just a click away. Book your appointment today and experience the Just Ears advantage!