May 13th, 2019 Ears

I had my ears done at the Just Ears in Southampton and wanted to wait a couple of weeks before writing a review to see if there were any after effects to report. I’ve had ear trouble for years and it wasn’t until my visit to the clinic that I realised how advanced my problems were. I’ve had issues with hearing loss for a number of years, that I just put done to getting older. I’ve been an avid user of cotton-buds for cleaning my ears for years, without realising the damage they were doing to me. (More on that in a bit). The reason I started looking for treatments was because my Doctor cited that my throat issues I’ve had for a number of years might be connected to the fact that my ears were so badly blocked with wax, he couldn’t see inside my ear. I had them syringed about three years ago and nothing happened, other than it left me in severe pain and with really bad tinnitus. So I resigned myself to the fact that my ears were permanently damaged and that I’d spend my life being unable to enjoy a pain free life. Oh how wrong I was…thankfully. After doing a lot of research on line, including ear-candling; syringing (again); sodium-bicarbonate drops and other methods, I came across “micro-suction”. The thing that really attracted me to this process was that there’s a camera on the end of the suction, which meant that the person conducting the treatment could see what they were doing, rather than blindly going in with a syringe. Ahead of the treatment I put Olive Oil drops in my left-ear for a few days before. But none in my right, as I didn’t think I had an issue in the right.

So, here’s my experience of the micro-suction process:

1. The clinic itself: Based in the Marlands Centre in Southampton within the ‘Clinic Beauty’ unit, on arrival I was made to feel very welcomed and relaxed. The staff are very friendly. The treatment area is very clean and the clinic is very professional.

2. Pre-treatment: I was taken through what would happen; how the treatment is done and also I was told about some of the complications that can happen & how rarely they occur. This put me at ease and I felt very relaxed.

3. The treatment itself: let’s face it, having something stuck in your ear is always going to make you slightly nervous, but the sensation was not unpleasant. I read online that the noise of the suction can be quite un-nerving, but I didn’t find it overwhelming at all. I was shown the wax coming out of my left ear at each stage and I was shocked at the amount that was coming out of it. But it was not painful and by the end my left-ear felt really good and my hearing was massively improved. Then we moved onto my right “healthy” ear. Because I hadn’t put any olive oil in beforehand, this ear proved a bit trickier, as this ear was completely blocked. But again the gentleman treating me talked me through why he was putting some drops in my ear and was very good at taking his time to get it right. What was removed was an inch-long wax plug. The moment it came out, it was if someone had given me a new set of ears for the first time in my life and the clarity of my hearing was stunning. So good I nearly cried with joy, but don’t worry I kept it together!

Basically I’d spent 20 years of using cotton-buds to push wax into a complete seal in my ears. Where I thought I was keeping them clean, I was making them worse and the fact it was a total blockage meant that the syringing I’d had years before was just pushing the plug deeper instead of clearing it. Micro suction resolved these issues in minutes.

4. Post-treatment: Afterwards I was taken through how to look after my ears properly from now on. It was also explained that I may feel a little discomfort two or three days after. I was advised to use a spray for 5 days called EarCalm to prevent any infections and then to use a light spray with “Earol” Olive Oil spray every week from now on. I walked out of the clinic with improved hearing; no discomfort; my tinnitus in my right ear complete gone & my left is improving every day and I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time. I can confirm that I did get a little discomfort two days later, but a big accent on the word little. It wasn’t a pain, just a mild feeling of discomfort. So here I am two weeks later. Pain free; hearing better than it’s been in decades and a sense of a real happiness at the success of the treatment. My hobby is music production and sound engineering, so to get technical the treatment has improved my upper sound frequency register immensely. So everything from 10kHz through 20kHz is a lot clearer and sound is generally crisper for me. I’m not just living in a world of bass now.

I cannot praise Just Ears enough. They are truly amazing. It will literally change your life. I can’t wait to go back in six to nine months to get them done again and to see what the effects are now that my ears a back to where they should be.

A few tips:

1. Never ever put cotton-buds/ q-tips/ pencils/ paper-clips or anything smaller than your elbow in your ear. Really don’t do it! Go to the bathroom and throw them away now.

2. Only use Olive Oil spray to clean your ears. They are self-cleaning after-all.

3. Book your appointment with Just Ears today. Even if you think your ears are fine, get them checked out here, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”​