December 15th, 2020 Article, Ears

Some people are understandably nervous about having a treatment they have not had before, and especially in their ears as they will feel everything. But, even the most worried of patients have always come out feeling so relieved they did it.

Helen, a recent visitor to our Port Solent Clinic, was extremely anxious before her appointment and was overwhelmed by the support and comfort the team showed her.

‘I had been suffering with a blocked left ear for about 2 weeks and it was getting worse, so the pharmacist suggested using Otex*. The second day I used it, it made it worse and I was completely deaf. I was really panicked by this and immediately looked online to see what treatments I could find to help me. I found the Just Ears website and read all about Microsuction which I had never had before. I contacted them and they could see me the next day. I was very relieved to have something booked but very worried about what it would feel like, would it hurt and would it work.

On the day of my appointment, I was greeted by Laura who was very understanding and patient with me sensing I was worried. She introduced me to the practitioner Dr Aigbs and explained that I was feeling incredibly nervous. He sat me down and straight away tried to calm me down by talking to me as a person and not a patient. He talked me through the whole treatment step by step, and I felt more confident that this could help me. When I was lying on the bed, I was rigid with fear and Dr Aigbs kept talking to me, asking me if I was ok and encouraging me to relax. The relief was instant once he removed the blockage, I could have cried! I was very worried about feeling dizzy afterwards but Dr Aigbs helped me to sit up slowly and I felt fine.

The care and attention the team gave me was overwhelming. I felt they really did care about how I was feeling and did all they could to help me. I am actually booked in to have my other ear done next week and certainly will not be so worried when I go’.

At Just Ears, we always try to help people who may be more worried, anxious or have any other concerns. If you have been putting Microsuction off because you are worried about the treatment, call our team who will be more than happy to take the time to talk you through everything.

*We always recommend Earol which is an olive oil spray and helps to loosen the wax without using chemicals.  We do not recommend the use of other drops because they sometimes make the wax stickier, creating more of a blockage some also cause inflammation of the ear canal.