January 29th, 2019 Ears, Facts

My journey to Just Ears in Portsmouth came about quite suddenly when I changed my NHS Practice.  I found that my routine annual microsuction appointment, which I had attended previously for some years, was no longer automatically available as the clinic where I received my microsuction treatment had been closed.

I had to start the process of being referred for microsuction by my new doctor, which involves an appointment initially with the Practice Nurse to carry out an examination of my ear canals to decide whether I required microsuction. If the decision to refer me to an NHS ear clinic was taken the waiting time would be approximately 90 days. I decided that this would be an unbearable situation for me as due to a build-up of wax in my ears I had gone almost deaf in my right ear and my tinnitus had increased to an uncomfortable level.

I decided without delay to contact Just Ears in Portsmouth and I was given an appointment to receive microsuction within 3 days.

I was able to attend my appointment at Just Ears in Port Solent by regular service bus from Portsmouth Hard to Waterside stop at Port Solent, from here I was able to walk the short distance to Just Ears in approximately 5 minutes.

At the start of my consultation, I was asked a few routine questions about my medical history and regarding my ongoing problem with ear wax. I then received microsuction treatment, which was completely free from any discomfort and during which time I felt completely relaxed.

The effect of the treatment was instantaneous and took approximately 15 minutes, after which I was soon on my way home again feeling very much happier that I could hear normally again. My tinnitus also calmed down to normal levels.

I would recommend anybody with ear wax problems to seek an appointment at Just Ears without delay.​