January 6th, 2022 Ears, Facts

We have been told since we were young ‘don’t stick things in your ears’! But with the introduction of trendy wireless in-ear buds this is exactly what we are now doing. Coupled with the increased amount of time people use them for, we have noticed a rise in the number of patients visiting us with impacted ear wax.

There are three key issues with using in-ear headphones:

Issue 1

When you use these for a prolonged amount of time, you could be pushing the wax back into the ear causing it to build up or block the ear canal.

  • SOULTION: Do not use the headphones for extended periods of time. Make sure you take regular breaks.

Issue 2

Putting something in your ear can increase the chance of bacteria and dirt entering the ear canal. This can get trapped in the ear wax and can cause ear infections.

  • SOULTION: We suggest you clean your ear buds regularly. Even in there is no visible dirt, there could be germs or bacteria. Also avoid sharing in-ear buds with others.

Issue 3

Wearing the ear buds frequently can stop the natural cleaning of the ear. By blocking the ear canal, it can stop the shedding and natural draining of ear wax from the ear

  • SOLUTION: Limit the time using them and use olive oil (we recommend Earol) to keep the ear lubricated if you think the wax is building up.

So, how do you know if you have a build-up of earwax? Usually, people find their hearing becomes muffled or everything sounds quieter. Sometimes there can also be a feeling of discomfort or ‘fullness’ in the ear with possible dizziness too.

For more advice on how to look after your ears visit our ear care page or you can book online for an appointment.