March 23rd, 2020 Ears, Facts, Tips

What You Should Know About Microsuction Practitioners 

Key fact: Not all microsuction is “true” microsuction and not all microsuction practitioners are created equal.

At Just Ears, we only provide earwax removal using proper microscopes (as pictured below). We use this rather than alternative equipment like headlights or loupes used by other earwax removal providers.

Microscope Green Tick

Here at Just Ears we pride ourselves on the skill and expertise of our team of microsuction practitioners.  They are handpicked and go through an induction process if they are already trained or an induction/training programme if they have no previous experience to ensure that all practitioners meet the high standards & technical expertise we expect from the whole team.

Why?  … Because your ears are precious to us.

Being able to carry out microsuction using a microscope is not a skill everyone can learn and be good at. The use of the microscope requires a high level of hand eye coordination, depth perception and manual dexterity. These are skills not everyone is lucky enough to possess.

New practitioners who are invited to join the Just Ears are required to carry out a minimum of 100 ear microsuction procedures during their training programme. We use a special training microscope with teaching sidearm to ensure the training is monitored & provide real time feedback under direct observation during training. New practitioners are then required to pass an examination before providing earwax removal the “Just Ears Way”.

Just Ears Microsuction practitioner experience within the group varies from several hundred procedures carried out by our newest team members to our most experienced practitioners who have carried out several thousand procedures so you can rest assured you are in safe, caring & well trained hands!

We now have a team of 15 practitioners ensuring we can provide convenient appointments in a timely manner across multiple locations along the south coast for wax removal the Just Ears Way!

For more information about microsuction or talk to one of our team about an appointment you can either book online or call 03455 27 27 27.