February 23rd, 2020 Ears, Facts, Tips

Microsuction Vs other wax removal methods 

Microsuction is the safest, most thorough and most comfortable method of wax removal. It is the chosen and recommended method by doctors and specifically ENT surgeons. The equipment and expertise to perform this has a cost and so various providers including the NHS try to limit access to this gold standard procedure.

Other methods


In the past syringing has been used in 3rd world countries and also in GP practices in the UK to blast and high pressure jet of water into the ear canal to try and dislodge wax. It is a “blind” procedure in that the ear drum and hearing apparatus are not seen. The jet of water can damage the ear drum or hearing apparatus leading to perforation, deafness, dizziness or tinnitus. Also the jet of water can cause tiny cracks in the ear canal and introduce infection. The worst form of infection, which is more common in the elderly or in diabetics can require hospitalisation and many weeks of intravenous antibiotics. For all of these reasons, and also the increasing litigation resulting in this less safe procedure, the NHS has stopped providing this out-dated service.

Ear Candling

This is a very unsafe procedure of lighting a candle in the ear canal with he hope of somehow extracting the wax within the ear. There is no evidence that it works and there have been numerous very serious burns and injuries from this practice.

Cotton Buds

Cotton buds are widely available over the counter, however are not be recommended as they often push the wax in further. There have also been numerous cases of the cotton bud end causing internal injuries or causing infections. It is not recommended.

Electric suction devices

There are a variety of electric “home use” suction devices which we believe are ineffective and could potentially be dangerous.

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